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January 2016 Newsletter

Welcoming 2016


As we open the first page of 2016, I have wishes of Peace and Equality.

Wouldn’t it be the greatest gift to each other if we treated each other equally. This includes the GLBT community, the Transgender community and of course Women.

I really do not like using labels, but if you read this, you need to understand the warm loving people included that I am writing about. These marginalized groups for one reason or another are treated differently when encountered by the “normal people”

We need to work together and consistently too fight anti-legislation that affects any of these groups. I am tired of this battle we have fought for so many years, but we can never give up or stop our work. We will only succeed when we stop politicians from using any group of individuals to get votes, raise money or write legislation that discriminates against anyone in anyway. And not only discriminate, but restricts or creates hurdles that limits equal access to services including medical services.

Witnessed for years the discrimination of Gays, Transgender and Women, we talk about it a lot, but what do we do to change it, to stop it. We as a country must stop supporting these legislators that continue the same old message we have heard for years. They keep using the message that has worked for them and we keep re-electing them which continues the same results and battles and abuse.

It is a dream and wish that we work together to eliminate this discrimination and policy writing to allow real equality, real acceptance. All must be treated equally to prosper and achieve their goals that have been suppressed for decades simply because someone is different or someone has been an easy “target” for years.

When we discriminate against an entire gender because it is different from fifty years ago, that is your problem, not the developed gender. So stop using that gender for your personal gains and achievements. You don’t make a real difference, they do. Women are stronger, tolerant, accepting and strategic and must be allowed to continue to grow without your legislation repeatedly holding them back.

Remember the last legislative session where over 200 bills were written discriminating against the GLBT community. Not many passed, but it worries me that legislators would even think of some of these issues to write bills attacking the rights of GLBT people. We must not continue to support these legislators that work against us not for us.

So let’s bind ourselves together in love and acceptance and determination that we will continue to fight the discrimination, whatever form it takes. We cannot sit back and be unhappy while letting it continue because we do nothing.

Be Strong, Be Happy, and Support each other and Happy Happy 2016

Tony R. Thornton
PFLAG–Lubbock Chapter

Next Meeting in January

PFLAG will resume our regular meetings in January returning to our normal location at St. John’s United Methodist Church at 1501 University.  The January meeting will be Tuesday, January 19th at 7:00 pm.  We will have two great parents speaking about their trans daughter in the military.

The GSSG Meeting will be January 12th at St. John’s as well.

Please remember it is membership time and we need membership dues paid for 2016 so we can get our report into National.  You can go to the membership tab and print the form or bring your dues to the Jan meeting

Happy Holidays

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tony R. Thornton


Thank you to all who attended the PFLAG December meeting last night. Board elections were held and then we enjoyed our annual Holiday Dinner and Fun Gift Game.

Looking forward to another great year for PFLAG in 2016

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tony R. Thornton


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