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October Newsletter


Tuesday, October 18th at 6:00 pm the TTU Law School will sponsor a film about Mathew Shepard. Following the film, there will be a discussion with Mathew’s parents. This will be held at the TTU Lanier Law School Auditorium.

ALSO, there will be a panel discussion at noon in the auditorium.

BOTH events are opened to the public.

In our effort to give people an opportunity to attend these events, PFLAG is cancelling the October meeting scheduled for Tuesday night.

September meeting Tuesday

September PFLAG Program
Let’s Focus on Staying Healthy

When: Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: St. John’s United Methodist Church
1501 University Avenue

Welcome, PFLAG Lubbock family. How quickly the summer passed! PFLAG and the Gender Spectrum Support Group had some good support meetings through out the summer. With the beginning of a new school year, PFLAG is returning to the program meeting format for a few months, focusing on LGBTQ health issues in September and November, and voting in October.

First up will be a presentation by Leigh Arrington and Ricky Vaughn, Licensed Social Workers, who work with Project CHAMPS here in Lubbock. Leigh is the HIV Program Director, and Ricky is the Lead Medical Case Manager for Project CHAMPS. The program will focus on new methods for prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, with candid visuals. It is important information vital to the entire LGBTQ community, including their parents, friends and other allies.

Project CHAMPS provides a wide range of services to West Texans including access to trained and certified Navigators to help people apply and enroll in the marketplace of health insurers under the Affordable Care Act. They can evaluate what financial assistance for which you may qualify and discuss your coverage options if you drop by their office at 3307 Ave. X. Their phone number is 806-771-0736, and their website is

All students, middle school, high school and college, are particularly encouraged to attend and to bring your straight friends. Leigh and Ricky can answer your questions accurately so don’t be shy about talking about your sexuality. It might save your life.

Hope to see a full house on September 20 for this important program.

St. John’s prayer vigil (Sunday evening)
Media sources reported PFLAG as the host of the prayer vigil at St. John’s Sunday evening to remember and honor the victims of the Orlando shootings. This event was organized and hosted by the fine people at St. John’s. PFLAG regrets the error in reporting and appreciates all this congregation does for our community and for always stepping up when their is a need. Thank you St. John’s.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tony Thornton, President PFLAG







~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TONY T

In response to the tweet this morning by our Lt Gov Dan Patrick. First is was very disrespectful and in ver poor taste. If in fact this was a pre-schedule tweet, at the very least, he should have been respectful and responsible enough to stop this from being posted. Second, his inability to get the tweet down in a rapid response was even more damaging and disrespectful.

Our position must be one of LOVE not Hate and maybe give him the benefit. But he sure needs to be informed this was very inappropriate and was not well received.

We do need to gather all of our facts before we respond. When I first saw this post, it was one line (reap what you sow) when in fact the entire verse , three lines, was in the tweet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tony T

IN light of this terrible tragedy , PFLAG will be calling for a community wide prayer meeting to show our response and respect for the loved ones and the survivors of this senseless act of violence

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tony T

Tony Thornton—President of PFLAG LUBBOCK will be holding a press conference at 1:00 for statements regarding tragic event in Florida Today. Story will be top of news at 6 and 10

According to recent sources this whole battle over bathrooms is a result of the same sex marriage law ruling by the supreme court. Conservative groups took up this issue for their next battle.

Of course our disconnected Texas Government responded with the same strategy they have repeated on numerous occasion——-YOU can’t tell Texas what to do—-WATCH THIS !!!

Texas’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said the state is prepared to forfeit billions rather than let the Obama administration dictate restroom policy for its 5.2 million students. “We will not be blackmailed by the president’s 30 pieces of silver,” Patrick said.

Just exactly WHERE do you think he and our Govenor are going to continue to come up with millions and billions of funds to replace when they cut off their noises to spite their face. YOU !!!!!!!!

PEOPLE please wake up——this is NOT the first time Texas has turned away funding over a law they did not agree with.

Tony Thornton
Lubbock Chapter