PFLAG Lubbock

The TTU DragShow tickets this year are $15 for the VIP seating. Our process of selling tickets have changed this year due to TTU’s organization platform changing and has brought complications. To buy a ticket and have your confirmed seat you will have to fill out the form through the link below. This is to keep track of all of the VIP ticket holders and affirm everyone’s seats. To purchase tickets, you can either pay to Tech GSA’s Venmo: @tech-GSA, with cash or check. You can pick up your ticket(s) on a later date at the Tech GSA cubical on the 2nd floor of the SUB on Tech campus. You can pay with cash or check upon picking up your ticket but you have to fill out the form beforehand and please let me know when you would like to pick up so I can be present. Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions about this new process!

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