PFLAG Lubbock


I cannot express my appreciation and thanks to K’Danz and all of you who participated in the contest last night. A special thank you to my friend and the deserving Emeritus Emologie. Love you. Congrats to Teairra. Congrats also to MJ Andrews. Thank you Tony Hernandez for jumping in last minute to save on my promise. Will always appreciate you for that. Club Pink, Emologie and the Rios family deserve so much for making this possible, for supporting the community and for always being open to ideas, change and advancement. We love you for it. It is a special person or group of people willing to do all this work for the good of another.

PFLAG appreciates beyond words the work you do to support and help our Scholarship Fund. Every dime raised at these events goes directly back into the GLBTQ Community in the form of scholarships for the students. We could not do this without all of you

I was very disappointed and more embarrassed that I wasn’t present. I had surgery two weeks ago and just could not make it happen. I sincerely apologize. Please forgive me because it is certainly not that I and the PFLAG Board are not appreciating your contributions.

With Love and continued admiration for all you do

Tony R Thornton
PFLAG. Lubbock

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