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According to recent sources this whole battle over bathrooms is a result of the same sex marriage law ruling by the supreme court. Conservative groups took up this issue for their next battle.

Of course our disconnected Texas Government responded with the same strategy they have repeated on numerous occasion——-YOU can’t tell Texas what to do—-WATCH THIS !!!

Texas’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said the state is prepared to forfeit billions rather than let the Obama administration dictate restroom policy for its 5.2 million students. “We will not be blackmailed by the president’s 30 pieces of silver,” Patrick said.

Just exactly WHERE do you think he and our Govenor are going to continue to come up with millions and billions of funds to replace when they cut off their noises to spite their face. YOU !!!!!!!!

PEOPLE please wake up——this is NOT the first time Texas has turned away funding over a law they did not agree with.

Tony Thornton
Lubbock Chapter

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